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Respect supports Australians as they embrace the journey of getting older, offering a compassionate hand at every step. Whether it’s in-home care, a retirement home, or a nurturing nursing facility, Respect provides the care and attention they deserve.

We meticulously helped craft a brand positioning and visual identity system. Inspired by nature’s changing seasons, we designed a bold, captivating logo and selected a vibrant color palette that like nature embodies life’s natural rhythms.

To add a touch of joy to the brand narrative, we created a unique set of bold, whimsical illustrations, brought to life through delightful animations. In the digital landscape, we designed the main Respect website and three distinct retirement living websites, all tailored to reflect their commitment to excellence while our creative touch was also reflected on billboards and select marketing materials. Our words and content strategy delved into the heart of Respect’s ethos, crafting copy that resonates with genuine care. All touchpoints harmoniously unify Respect’s various offerings under one powerful and cohesive brand system.

At Milk Bar Design, we’re more than designers; we’re storytellers, passionate about elevating the lives of those we serve. Our journey with Respect is a celebration of aging, a testament to cherishing every moment, and a commitment to crafting a future filled with compassion and creativity.


Animation, Art direction, Brand voice, Branding, Brant strategy, Creative copy, Illustration, Logo design, Social media, Website design


Creative Direction: Joanna Kuczek
Brand Design: Joanna Kuczek & Valerie Seijas
Website Design: Joanna Kuczek
Respect Logo Design: Jessica Hische
Illustration: Valerie Seijas & Thomas Lemme
Copy: Sharon Delrocco
Animation: Ben Fine
Logo animation: Olivia Kuczek

  • Respect Toolkit
  • Color Scheme
  • Respect Typography Selection
  • Respect Patterns
  • Respect Icon and Illustrations
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brining it all to life
  • Uniform and tote
  • Brochure Covers
  • Respect Website Comp
  • Respect Website
  • Respect Website Select Screens
  • Car branding
  • Notebook, pen and uniform
  • Reed Estate Area Map
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