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03.15.15 — Sensibill iOS App

When this exciting tech start up had an idea of transforming how the consumer thinks and interacts with purchase receipts they reached out to us to help visualize their digital solution. We have partnered with their talented tech and ux team to develop a universal, intuitive system for managing and storing purchase receipts in one iOS app.

We have helped design all of the screens of the app including signing up, on-boarding, dashboard, receipt listing, folder listing, filters and search tools as well as settings. Together we have replaced the old school shoe box solution with a dynamic platform where user can take a photo of their receipt and allow the app to do the work for them. This new system makes it easy to scan, store, organize, and manage all of your receipts down to warranty tracking and easy purchase returns. Gone are the days of paper receipts!

In addition to the app, we have given Sensibill a visual rebrand by updating their brand identity, color palette and typography. We have designed their stationary, landing page, keynote pitch presentations and trade show graphics.

We have had the privilege of working with Sensibill since October of 2013 on weekly basis.

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