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09.27.19 — Fairtrade Awards Campaign

We have been a fan of Fairtrade products and the mission behind them for as long as we can remember. So naturally when Fairtrade Canada marketing team asked us to design the awards campaign we were thrilled! We were tasked in developing a series of posters, social media posts, event schedule, postcards, on screen graphics displayed during the event as well as winner announcement screens. View project cases study here.

03.08.19 — Inspiring talk

“Learning to Listen to Animals” The story of a mom’s desperate cries for her lost baby, their miraculous reunion, and the life lessons for us all that make us better humans. Lovingly told by Ellie Laks the founder of My Gentle Barn, a non-profit organization doing wonderful things for animals and little humans. Happy international women’s day!


02.05.19 — Stamps featuring Ellsworth Kelly’s paintings

Stunning tribute to the artist Ellsworth Kelly (1923–2015). How beautiful are these USPS stamps? Kelly pioneered a distinctive style of abstraction based on real elements reduced to their essential forms. His artworks include paintings, sculpture and works on paper. The 20 stamps on the pane feature 10 pieces, each represented twice: Yellow White (1961), Colors for a Large Wall (1951), Blue Red Rocker (1963), Spectrum I (1953), South Ferry (1956), Blue Green (1962), Orange Red Relief (for Delphine Seyrig) (1990), Meschers (1951), Red Blue (1964) and Gaza (1956). A detail from Blue Yellow Red III (1971) appears in the selvage.

11.15.18 — Sweet hand type posters for Camille’s baby twins

These two alphabet posters with sweet little lessons for children, hand-made out of color pencil shavings; I designed for my dear friend Camille’s beautiful twin baby girls.

01.15.17 — Johnson & Johnson Holiday Card Design

We had the privilege of working with J&J Design Team to concept and develop limited run of pop-up Holiday Cards for Johnson & Johnson’s CEO Alex Gorsky.

08.15.16 — Art meets function

The Floating Piers. Lake Iseo, Italy designed by the amazing Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Who says we can’t walk on water? I wonder how this would look/feel on the Hudson?

06.24.16 — Ceramic coasters to celebrate Milk Bar Design

We created this set of ceramic coasters to enjoy in the studio, however they have been so well received we plan on adding them to our coming soon online shop. Stay tuned!

06.22.16 — The way to look at things

We have created this poster out of the super tiny kiwi seeds, a process as tricky as the lesson itself. Our intention is to practice this lesson daily and apply in everything that we do.

06.19.16 — This thing about cows

The reason why we call ourselves Milk Bar Design is because we absolutely adore all milk producing animals but especially cows. We have created 5 self initiated projects to date that involve cows so it sort of became our thing. Photo shown is from a miniature gold course project and naturally our obstacles were an army of red cows more on this here.

06.17.16 — Eames house visit

It was such a thrill to visit Charles and Ray Eames‘ home and studio few years back, it became one of our life highlights. They were an unstoppable power couple, whose products are timeless, whose work ethic and dedication to good design continues to be an inspiration in our own work. Happy birthday Charles!

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