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02.13.24 — New work alert: Fisamed

Fisamed is on a mission to prevent varicose veins, by providing innovative leg compression solutions that effortlessly integrate into daily life. Together we crafted a unique brand identity and packaging that encapsulates Fisamed’s unwavering commitment to delivering the most comfortable and superior made-in-The-USA products in the market. The product line spans four categories: base, premium, performance, and maternity, each uniquely color-coded with a bright yet limited color scheme.

Holiday card 2024

12.27.23 — Happy holidays!

Wishing you a season filled with joy and creativity! 🎨✨ Reflecting on the incredible opportunities and partnerships that made 2023 extraordinary. Here’s to another year of crafting visual wonders and bringing dreams to life in 2024! Thank you for being part of our journey. Happy holidays!

08.02.23 — New work alert: Respect brand design and development.

Respect supports Australians as they embrace the journey of getting older, offering a compassionate hand at every step. Whether it’s in-home care, a retirement home, or a nurturing nursing facility. They came to us to help them redesign their existing branding as their services were expanding throughout Australia.

07.27.23 — New work alert: Fairtrade Small Roaster Program.

The team at Fairtrade Canada entrusted us with the exciting task of designing and developing a logo mark and digital toolkit for this program to be used by the participating establishments. The logo, featuring a hand holding a single coffee bean, represents the dedication of Fairtrade coffee farmers. Alongside captivating illustrations and enlightening educational facts, these visuals shed light on the challenges faced by coffee farmers in today’s world. We hope that every sip of Fairtrade coffee deepens coffee enthusiasts’ understanding and appreciation for the positive impact each coffee bean can make when farmers thrive in their livelihoods. So, what inspires your sips? Join the movement, choose Fairtrade coffee, and be a force for good! Together, we can create a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Holiday card

12.27.22 — Happy holidays!

Cheers to moments, shared and sweet, In the holiday air, where spirits meet. May your days be merry and bright, A season of magic, love, and light.

Left Field Posters

07.07.22 — New work alert: Left Field brand design and development.

Left Field is an on-demand staffing service specializing in the placement of agricultural workers with farmers in Tasmania, Australia. They came to us after acquiring the business, with expanded service ideas, a brand new name, and the need for a complete brand overhaul.

In partnership with the client, we have designed the brand positioning and a visual identity system consisting of a logo, and a reduced color palette inspired by the early sunrises and late sunsets on a Tasmanian farm. A custom set of patterns influenced by the patterns found in the crops grown on various farms, and a set of bold geometric illustrations. The final deliverables consisted of a brand guidelines document to govern the newly designed brand identity system, a website, and various marketing materials. 

Holiday card design

12.25.21 — Happy holidays!

May your season be filled with inspiration, bold ideas, and the joy of bringing visions to life.

Lago Brand Identity

10.05.21 — New work alert: Lago brand identity.

Michael Tang, a former Nike executive and a person with a big vision for sustainable medical scrubs came to us for help with brand identity. He funded Lago a company specializing in modern, comfortable, and sustainable scrubs for medical professionals. Each recycled scrub set saves 14 plastic bottles from the landfill and has a 4-way stretch for high-performance capabilities.

Holiday Card

12.25.20 — Cheers to making it work in 2020!

We couldn’t do it without you. May the new year be everything you hope for and more. Here’s to more merry, less “meh” in the new year! Our thoughts are with you during these challenging times. – Your friends at Milk Bar Design


09.27.19 — Fairtrade Awards Campaign

We have been a fan of Fairtrade products and the mission behind them for as long as we can remember. So naturally when Fairtrade Canada marketing team asked us to design the awards campaign we were thrilled! We were tasked in developing a series of posters, social media posts, event schedule, postcards, on screen graphics displayed during the event as well as winner announcement screens. View project cases study here.

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